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Microcrepe top Jacquard skirt
Lace macrame embroidered yellow dress
Crystals embroidered biker - Organza embroidered skirt
Sweatshirt with embroidery
Lace macrame embroidered dress
Jacquard rouches dress
Jacquard dress with rouches sleeves
Skuba chiffon dress with rouches sleeves
Tulle embroidered dress
Tulle embroidered wide gown
Microcrepe bicoloured dress
Microcrepe embroidered dress
Tulle embroidered long gown
Microcrepe bicoloured long dress
Microcrepe embroidered long dress
Tulle skirt with fox fur applications
Microcrepe tulle embroidered dress
Skuba satin blouse with bicoloured rouches
Microcrepe jumpsuit
Lined satined bomber with embroidery back
Microcrepe embroidered pants
Lined satined bomber with embroidery
Microcrepe top
Microcrepe gown
Jacquard coat with rouches
Lace macrame sweatshirt

Fall Winter 2017

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